Dale Petersen


Lina Angelici

Vice Chair ATTN

Mary Simmons, CPA


Kay Burniston


Carol Martin

Warrior Care In the 21st Century

The IIOP team attended the Warrior Care in the 21st Century in Tampa, Florida. More Information

International Outreach

International Institute of Orthotics & Prosthetics Board with Laboratory Gilete staff in Bogata, Columbia: Together, we discussed setting up International residency site and collaborations.

El Sena University, Orthotic and Prosthetic Program with Director Dietrich Niklas and International Institute Board members and students. Discussing future partnerships and collaborations.

The Columbia Military Hospital HMC with Dr. Hector Manuael Orjuela: Speaking about partnerships for training, residency, sharing best practices and collaborations.

Obras Sociales en Beneficio De La Policia Nacional - With a similar mission to IIOP, this league fundraises and helps the policemen /women and their families as their police are combatting the Guerrillas in the outskirts of the country.