Alternative, or private, student loans are available to help you cover any financial gap that may exist between the amount of financial aid you receive and the cost of attending the International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics.

There are many types of alternative student loans, each with different interest rates and repayment terms which vary depending on the borrower and co-borrowers credit-worthiness.

We encourage you to fully explore the many alternative loan options to find one that suits your borrowing needs. You can use any lender that offers educational private loans or use our list of approved lenders.

Review your options carefully and apply for only one loan. Most loans will disburse in two equal disbursements (half for the first semester and half for the second semester). You may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance for two semesters, less any other funds or scholarships.  For example, if you need funds to cover tuition and fees for two semesters (approximately $26,000) you could borrow up to that amount and receive up to $13,000 each semester for your first two semesters.  If you need a second loan for your next two semesters, you can repeat your loan request and borrow a second loan for your next year.