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IIOP’s blog featured in Top 30 Prosthetics Blogs list by Feedspot!

IIOP’s blog is now proudly being represented with the top 30 prosthetic blogs in Feedspot’s “Top 30 Prosthetics Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020”. Other entities featured on the ranking include ISPO International, Amputee Coalition, and partial finger prostheses manufacturer Naked Prosthetics. IIOP is thrilled to have our news and students featured on this platform, and hope that our mission reaches curious minds from around the globe. Please check out the full list of blogs at and be sure to keep up with IIOP’s blog as our student’s are hard at work at their clinical rotations.

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Special Thanks to Gerry Stark and Carl Allen from Otto Bock!

IIOP students had the opportunity to feel what it’s like to use the C-Brace microprocessor-controlled stance control KAFO by Otto Bock this morning. Being able to understand how the device functions and patient requirements are crucial to have positive patient outcomes. A special thanks to Gerry Stark, who Zoomed in and presented the C-Brace technology to the class, while Carl brought the KAFO tester to fit each of the students and feel the real thing! The students enjoyed being able to adjust the resistances of the orthosis and will enter the field with first-hand knowledge on this very up-and-coming technology.

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Blatchford Team Visits IIOP

IIOP was thrilled to welcome the team from Blatchford to tour the facility and meet with the students this week. Blatchford is one of the foremost prosthetic and orthotic manufacturers with a focus on research and education, as well as patient success. They caught up with the students while they were fitting their custom knee-ankle-foot orthoses and were even willing to break social distancing for a moment to take a group photo. Blatchford will be returning to expose the students to their line of prosthetic knees and feet for their transfemoral prosthetics projects in the coming months. We appreciate their support and welcome them back always.

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See What Makes Tampa a Smart Financial Move

Check out the article below, ranking the top metro areas by their cost of living.

You might be surprised to see where Tampa falls on the list of some of the largest metro areas. Cost of living is a huge factor to consider when making decisions on where to attend school. Check out the article below and see for yourself why Tampa is a smart financial move!

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