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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog- November 9, 2021

Hello all!

It was a pretty relaxing week after midterms which I was very grateful for! Throughout the week we worked on our anatomy presentations and pathology case study presentations. Other days we had lecture and learned all about the brachial plexus which is not the simplest of structures in the body, but our professors do a great job of incorporating fun activities and worksheets to help us better understand and learn the difficult structures of the body! Friday was a fun filled day of lecture and comparing gaits on the gait mat using different orthotic devices. Using the orthotic device that fit us best we analyzed our “normal gait” vs. our orthotic device gait. It was an eye opening experience to see what our patients one day will go through and be able to better understand and sympathize with them.


Alyssa Noe

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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-October 29, 2021

Hi Y’all I am back! 

It has been a stressful couple weeks studying for midterms, but we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel! Midterms are over and it is almost Halloween! Hope you all have figured out your costumes and plans for the weekend and don’t forget to eat lots of candy! 

Outside of our midterms Thursday some of the students participated in a cooking class with Chef Ami and let me tell you the lunch we had was delicious! (check out the pictures attached to this blog) Some things we learned were how to finely cut different vegetables and fruits which I can tell you I did not do correctly before this class. Overall, a very productive and successful week.  

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoyed your week! 

Happy Halloween and see you next week! 

Alyssa Noe 

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Adam Kramer – IIOP Student Blog – October 12, 2021

Congratulations team U.SA. woman’s wheelchair basketball for taking home the Bronze Metal at the 2020 Paralympic games!!!!!

Special Shout out to Our Student Adam Kramer Assistant Coach. We are honored to have you representing IIOP!!

Below an interview with Adam


Interviewer: “We would just need a few sentences about your experience”

Adam: The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games were an amazing opportunity. They used the tagline “United by Emotion” and it could not have felt more true. During such uncertain times, the opportunity to bring the world together, as safely as possible, and show that we can all be united was incredibly refreshing. Sport saved my life and I was lucky enough to share a common experience with thousands of other people in the same boat. 

Interviewer: “Advice for anyone else that wants to get involved with a Paralympic team”

Adam: Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. It will be a process.

If you want to compete, compile your resources and put your heart and soul into obtaining your goal. If you want to be on staff, begin by volunteering locally or with the NGB (National Governing Body) of your sport of choice. There are dozens of Paralympic sports, so if you can’t choose just one, contact the USOPC (United State Olympic and Paralympic Committee) to offer your expertise to them, in general, as a need arises. There is a certification process, so start early and be persistent. 

Interviewer: “your role on the team”

Adam: I served as an Assistant Coach for Team USA’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. My primary roles were subdivided into categories that prepared our team for competition.  I worked with athletes on a weekly basis to ensure that they were balancing life on and off the court. I also performed data management and tracking processes to ensure that we were progressing as expected. Most notably, I scouted competition and managed practices to ensure that our athletes knew what to expect during each game. 

Interviewer: “or anything else you want to say”

Adam: My experiences resulted in so many intangible benefits. I am truly lucky to have been a part of this team that allowed me to make many new friends from all over the country & world, while having the honor of representing my country. That is not to say that this occurred without sacrifice, but the rewards will outweigh the drawbacks if you’re committed to putting in the work.

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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-October 11, 2021

Monday, we met Jim from ABC and he spoke to us about our career timeline. After Monday we spent the rest of the week in a different classroom because ABC testing and board exams, were happening in our normal classroom. I find it fascinating that the school I go to hosts the board exams! With that being said I am so excited for the future, yet love living in the moment and enjoying my classes and activities that I get to partake in now.

Wednesday a lot of the students and faculty participated in a CPR class where a lot of us were either recertified or got certified for the first time! The rest of the week was full of fun, interesting, knowledgeable  presentations on Pathology and gait. Additionally, we reviewed clinical gait before our midterm coming this Friday by participating in games and activities where I realized how competitive our class really was. I really enjoy when our professors try to incorporate new activities each week to help us engage in the material and have fun while learning. All in all, a great week of learning and presenting! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

See you all next week after our midterm!

Wish us luck,

Alyssa Noe

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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – October 8, 2021

Hellooooooooo! Guess who is ready for the long weekend? I am! Thank you, Columbus Day! 

               These days, everything is moving fast. Honestly, I can’t believe we are already finished with week 7. Graduation is near, the real world is near. Things are getting pretty serious, as they should be. This week,  we started a new elbow orthosis fabrication and finished on Friday. I apparently had a bicep rupture from lifting weights and needed to be casted for an elbow orthosis (this is fictional, used for orthotic practitioner education only lol). We learned about different prefabricated fracture and shoulder-elbow-wrist- hand orthoses (SEWHO). Our last day for the upper limb orthotics class was Thursday so we took our final exam that day. I really enjoyed upper limb orthotics because it was new and interesting since mostly lower limb orthotics are usually more common.  

Next week we start a new class, prosthetic management of the lower limb 2 and we also  take our cumulative Orthotics exam next week Friday (EVERYTHING about orthotics from the second semester to now) which means that my long weekend will be an extension of school because I will have to start studying for it. Wish me luck! Bye for now… 


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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-October 3, 2021

Hello Y’all I’m back at you with another blog!

This past week was full of learning the anatomy of the spine, several different pathologies, and the hip, trunk, and pelvis during gait. It is always a great feeling when you learn the material then you can put it all together and apply it. For example, we have upcoming presentations in Pathology, Neuroanatomy, and Clinical Gait where we get to pick a patient or make up a patient with a certain Pathology and create their patient history and treatment plan! This allows us to apply our newly learned knowledge into a real world scenario which will definitely be useful for when we become practitioners in the field of O&P.

Additionally, we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month Thursday where we got to eat yummy food and mingle with the older O&P students and learn about their experiences in the field!

All in all, it was a fantastic week and stay tuned next week to hear more about our presentations!

See y’all next week,

Alyssa Noe

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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 27, 2021

What’s going on? I hope everyone has had a great week!

   This week we took our final for Orthotic management of the lower limb 2. We also finished our KAFO project on Monday and yes, I will show you a picture of my KAFO now that it is finished. It’s not my best work, but I am proud of the progress. We started the new class Orthotic management for the upper limb, which will be our last orthotics class before our cumulative orthotic exam, which I am super nervous about. We also started our first project which is making a WHO wrist hand orthosis. Because I have only known about casting the lower limb, casting the upper limb was a bit of a challenge. But I got it! On Friday, we practiced casting for AFOs again which was well needed! Things this semester are moving at a faster pace and on top of that, studying, and looking for residencies are overwhelming. But let’s keep this thang moving!

See y’all next week again for another update!


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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-September 20, 2021

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying their week!

This week was full of fun educational activities that allowed us to put our newly learned knowledge to use. Tuesday we were given a pathology research article to read, take notes, critique, and then present what we learned about the article to the class on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were fun filled days of clinical gait analysis where we learned the gait cycle focusing on the knee and ankle complex. In lab this week we analyzed our peers’ gaits and recorded their temporal and spatial data. I am looking forward to the next couple weeks where we finish learning the hip complex of the gait cycle and we get to present our findings on our partners!

We met and were introduced to a new faculty member, Mr. Martin, who is very knowledgeable in O&P. Additionally, we were introduced to the District Florida House Representative who was touring our school and learning about what we do in our profession. I found it very cool that my school is trying to raise awareness of our profession and what we do to help patients.

Check back next week for more and have a great weekend!

Alyssa Noe

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Adaeze Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 13, 2021

What’s happening peoples! I hope everyone is enjoying all the good things in life!  

As the countdown to graduation has begun, things are speeding up, the projects are becoming more challenging and topics that were reviewed in the beginning are coming back. However, there is no fear because we got this. We came into this program knowing what we want to do, why, and how to achieve it.  

This week, we started our KAFOs which so far has been the most challenging project. Casting the patient’s leg requires two people. Both the practitioner and assistant are needed to hold the ankle and knee joints in place and to hold the leg up to smooth out the medial and lateral side of the leg. Everyone has done a great job with it so far! Next was modifications of the leg and phew… the legs from the thigh to the foot require a lot of modifications in order for it to become at least close to perfect. I found myself sweating bullets! It was still fun though. By the 4th semester, modifications become easier, and you find or create your own way of modifying and smoothing out the plaster.  

So far, we completed our negative impressions of our patient’s legs, mixed plaster to create the molds, modified them and pulled the plastic over them. Be back next week for more. Bye! 


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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-September 13, 2021

The long weekend with Labor Day off allowed me and many other students to connect outside of class and get to know each other and our new city! But by Tuesday we were back to reality and expanding our knowledge in Anatomy, Pathology, and applied clinical neuroanatomy. Even though there were a lot of hours of lecture this week our professors did a great job of incorporating activities within the lectures to keep us engaged in the material the entire lecture period. Additionally, this week we were able to shadow the 4th semester students while they were practicing KFO casting which was interesting to see and look forward to where we will be in just 3 semesters! Lots of studying was accomplished over the weekend and now we are back at it this week with a full week of lecture and labs!

See you next week!


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