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Savanna Stumpf– IIOP Student Blog – February 12, 2021

Savanna Stumpf– IIOP Student Blog – February 12, 2021

Week 5 – – Semester 1

Another week, another post! I’m not sure about you, but for some reason this just felt like the longest week.

This week in Pathology, we really focused on how to talk about different abnormalities on a practitioner-patient/parent basis. While we may be getting tested on these pathologies in more of a scientific way in class, not every brain processes “a localized congenital abnormality leading to a lateral curvature of the spine and surrounding tissues” as scoliosis. In order to work on this skill, we were assigned to make a pamphlet or some type of information guide, that would help aid us in the future. While all 5 of us students made wonderful pamphlets, we were extra fortunate that our good ole classmate Ian Reyes wrote a rap to perform as well. So, if you are ever in dire need of learning about Cranial Disproportion, just call up Ian and ask for a little performance.

To wrap the week up, we finished with our gait class. While we started off with lecture in the morning, we moved onto a lab assessment in the afternoon. Since our class is called gait analysis, it was only right we do a lab assessing each of our gaits. Each of my classmates chalked the bottom of our feet with blue chalk and walked across 15 feet of paper. From there, we took different measurements and compared between all of us. We even got the opportunity to include data from Mrs.Crawford, and turns out she is the slowest walker of us all! Had to throw her under the bus!

Happy Mardi Gras weekend!!


Savanna Stumf