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Adaeze Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 7, 2021

Adaeze Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 7, 2021

Hiya! Back at it again with the weekly O&P blog updates! I hope everyone is enjoying the 3-day weekend and Labor Day! 

This week was midterm week! As some may know, after the first semester, we have block classes meaning one class at a time. Which also means that midterm arrives after the first few days (or one week) of class(es). And right now, we are taking Orthotic management of the lower limb 2.  This week, we learned about different types of prefabricated Knee, Hip, and Fracture orthosis. There are so many different types of orthoses but it’s nice to learn about the prefab kinds because it helps me put them into categories and determine which one is better for the patient depending on their pathology. This week we also had lectures and discussed orthotic treatments and goals for TBI in addition to orthotic treatments for CP. Then we had our midterm on Friday. Flashcards are your best friend, peoples! I love that everything is starting to come together, and I am becoming more accustomed to the terminology, treatment plans, and decision-making skills that will be needed in the O&P world.  

See ya again next week!