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IIOP provided O&P support for our veterans at the Warrior Games 2019! Thanks to LazyDays RV for providing the RV!

Student Testimonials

“I have just finished my second semester at IIOP and it has been such a fun and beneficial learning experience. The facility is unlike anything I have seen at other schools and even other O&P facilities. I come from a background in prosthetics and orthotics, so I had pretty high expectations for the school and it checks all my boxes. There is so much space in a brand-new building, which makes working on projects very stress-free. The instructors are so much fun to work with and knowledgeable in their fields. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.”

-Alex Miller, Ohio

See Alex’s Clinical Rotation and O&P Portfolio Here!

“I look forward to coming to school every day because IIOP has provided me with the best education in the best environment. It’s great to be part of a school whose sole focus is Orthotics and Prosthetics. The class size is small, and the facility is very spacious, which makes working on assignments a breeze. I am currently in my last semester at the school and I will miss my instructors, who have made my time at the school not only educational but also fun. If you want the best O&P education you can get, IIOP is the school for you.”

-Ivanice Torres Rivera, Puerto Rico

“As a first-year graduate student at the International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics (IIOP), I have had the opportunity to acquire valuable practical skills and knowledge that will serve me well as an O & P practitioner. I have been fortunate to be a part of a small class cohort of like-minded fellow students with experienced, knowledgeable instructors.  I have primarily been impressed with the new state of the art facilities complete with fabrication labs and a private clinic that is made readily available to all of its students. IIOP has provided a very welcoming environment that is both challenging and rewarding. I would sincerely recommend IIOP to anyone wanting to study to become an O&P practitioner.”

-Victor Bustamante, Florida

“IIOP has presented me with incredible opportunities both in the patient clinic and the classroom to expand my knowledge of Orthotics and Prosthetics further than anywhere else. The amazing faculty and staff provide a platform for my classmates and I to carve out our own style of healthcare professionalism and fabrication techniques.”


-Richard Gotti, New York

“When I first decided that I wanted to enter the O&P field, IIOP felt like the most obvious option. Mrs. Gillis was so diligent in guiding me through the process and being clear when I had any questions. Dr. Orbea, Mrs. Crawford, and Mr. Mahairas have been crucial in my academia and have all been more than supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better faculty to learn from and build with.”


-Trevor Bryant, Florida

“The program at IIOP suited my learning style perfectly. It is fast, but the instructors make sure that no one is left behind. They are able to do this by maintaining smaller class sizes that allow for plenty of one on one. The mid-semester reviews are thorough and detailed to let the students know where they excel and where improvement is needed. Everything about this school is hands-on learning through every step of the way. We work as a team to achieve the common goal which is providing top-notch patient care.”


-Joaquin Campa III, Florida

“My time here at IIOP has not only expanded my understanding of the O&P field but has taught me more about my capabilities to solve problems and constantly seek resolution in and out of the classroom. I have learned how to work hard in the lab so I am able to enjoy the beauty of Tampa, Florida. From kayak fishing in the mangroves to enjoying the sweet sweet beaches, Tampa has quickly become one of my favorite places to live. If you’re like me and you are from out of town, then no problem because IIOP is within 5 minutes from the Tampa International Airport! IIOP has continued to challenge me but has made my graduate experience one I will never forget.”


-Bryce Dahl, Tennessee

“The focus on fabrication and clinical skills is what sets IIOP apart. We spend as much time in the lab as we do in the clinic, something that is lacking in most other O and P programs. Along with this, the class size provides ample opportunities for one on one learning and the professors are extremely knowledgeable. All the Faculty and staff at IIOP genuinely want the best for students and will go above and beyond to make sure we succeed.”


-Kenneth Laufer, Pennsylvania

“IIOP is an amazing institute to learn from for many reasons, just a few being their great professors, the high quality education and the fabrication labs. I toured the program before I was admitted and fell in love with the facility because it’s huge and you have access to so many resources here including new cutting edge technology even other schools don’t have access to. A huge bonus is you get to study and learn at the same campus you’ll be taking your CPM board exams at which is a plus. The professors here are passionate and great at what they do. They also care a lot about your success and strive to make you better. I’ve personally never been somewhere where the professors are invested in you to this degree. I’ve learned so much through this program, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to start and build the beginning of my O&P career here.” (IG: @wadadsopjourney)


-Wadad Lahoud, Texas

As we welcome back our students, check out what we're doing to ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty. See IIOP's response to COVID-19