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Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 11/12/2020

Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 11/12/2020

Tierra de Papayas – Nov 12th, 2020

It’s been one week since I have returned to Quito and already feels like I’m living in a movie again. Upon landing in Quito, a quick 3-hour nap and I was back in the lab modifying molds, awaiting patients to arrive. Pretty cool to jump right back in where I left off in this crazy but beautiful place.

Nothing says ‘welcome back’ like getting a week’s worth of fruit and veggies from the neighborhood food truck….for $6. I was paying $20 for eight to ten sweet potatoes last week at Kroger. I wasn’t expecting to be greeted back by so many familiar faces of the community. I’ve really enjoyed my stops at the little tiendas (stores) where the same old ladies are always so kind and patient with my Spanish and laugh when I absolutely butcher my order ….but hey got that Duolingo streak up to 90 days so don’t mess with me.

Getting to follow up with some of the patients I met in September has been a reward. Hearing how happy they are to be at work with their new prostheses and moving around the city is why we do what we do. The 8 weeks I’m here are going to be geared more towards learning more plaster modification, suction fitting, and elevated patient interaction as my Spanish progresses. I’m working really hard to absorb not just a cultural experience, but a professional lesson of practice that I’m excited to share back in Los Estados Unidos. Each day is a lesson, each day is a reward.