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Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 9/2/2020

Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 9/2/2020

No Wifi, No Tools, No Problem – Wednesday, September 2nd

Alright well, I should have realized that wifi in a third world country would be challenging but I have to say it has been pretty cool leaving the good ol’ iPhone on airplane mode for a few days. I just wrapped up day two in the new clinic and I’m exhausted. This is where I show my support to all the nurses out there because I didn’t realize how tough 12 hours of working on your feet can be… mad respect.

The clinic is very new and we are still gathering components, tools, and improvising a lot. Tools like calipers, rivet head rounding tools, heel wedges, and pipe holders are all things you probably aren’t familiar with if not in the field of O&P; however, these are small tools that serve large purposes in any O&P clinic. What makes these tools unique is that they can all be fabricated from minimal material. In my previous semester at IIOP, we had to fabricate our own tools to have them handy when their purpose was called. As a result of my education at IIOP, I have been fortunate enough to supply the clinic here in Quito by applying the fabrication techniques I have learned.

So far I’ve seen my first pediatric patient ever with my preceptor (Master Yoda) teaching me his careful art of prosthetic alignment and patient evaluation. It’s been exciting to apply more of my education through ankle-foot-orthotic modifications; however, this week I’ve been instructed to keep preparing the clinic as the next week is going to be an all-out fabrication war according to Dave. Meaning, we will see a lot of patients next week and really get to test the limitations of this small but fearless clinic. Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun.