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Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) Back to the States 12/21/2020

Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) Back to the States 12/21/2020


Dec 21th, 2020

Here I am on the flight back from Bogotá to Miami and can’t help but reminisce on all the cool opportunities and blessings given to me this year. These past few days in Colombia has been a great way to cap off the year, but unfortunately my rotation at the nearby clinic fell through upon arrival due to COVID restrictions (surprise surprise). But that didn’t stop me from having the best “solo” touristy weekend I’ve ever had. Sooo now the real reason I was sent to Bogota…

One sunny Saturday in Quito, I get a call from IIOP director, Mrs. Arlene Gillis, asking me if I would be interested in a mission to travel from Quito to Bogotá, Colombia on my way back to the U.S. and retrieve the cremated remains of a close friend to IIOP. The friend (let’s call him Mr. Juan) had passed away unexpectedly while doing mission work in Bogota, and the certain packaging restrictions kept the embassy from mailing the remains back to the U.S.

The plan was to do a few days of rotation due to COVID restrictions upon arrival I was informed the clinic could not take me for my safety (hate covid for being such a Debbie downer); however, Mr. Juan and I had the most spectacular views and room service from our hotel window and got to see some of the coolest sights of tourism all around the city. My assigned driver from IIOP took us for lessons of culture around the old cathedrals and to some of the best restaurants I’ve been to (one was 204 years old).  Yeah, safe to say I’m not mad about the 4 days of amazing food, drinks, and culture that Bogotá possesses. Thank you to IIOP for calling on me to assist the family of the missionary.

Needless to say from starting my education at IIOP, to farming new crops and new friends in Tampa Fl, and to traveling to South America to learn so much more, 2020 you were tough but I think I’ve got you beat. I’m excited to see long awaited friends and family back in Nashville. Thank you for tuning in, reading, and being part of my IIOP educational experience. See you in 2021.