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First Years Blog 3/4/22 – Brooke Merryman

First Years Blog 3/4/22 – Brooke Merryman

Hey everyone,

The time is going by fast with mid-terms coming up next week. Everyone has been studying hard, and we have also started our semester presentations. This week, we had our neuroanatomy presentations with case studies including scenarios of traumatic brain injuries from gun shot wounds to infants needing cranial helmets to correct plagiocephaly. In our gait class, we have been using the gait mat to analyze our walking gait and compare it to the manual calculations we measured with the chalk and paper. We will occasionally take some breaks and finally got a photo at the bowling alley with all nine of us. I got to lead everyone in a combat workout class to de-stress from studying, and it was a bonding experience to say the least.

Brian is our highlight for this week’s post! (He’s the one next to the neuro presentation.) He is from Miami, Florida and studied Biology at Florida International University. In his free time, he is pumping iron or visiting his fiancé in Miami who is going to law school. He is one of the best presenters in the class and the champion of creating case scenarios.

-Brooke Merryman