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Francesca Cicchetti – IIOP Student Blog – October 5, 2020

Francesca Cicchetti – IIOP Student Blog – October 5, 2020


What a more fitting song?! So, what does that have to do with us? * beside the fact I sang it for the whole day on Wednesday* We just finished up with our Wrist Hand Orthoses (WHO for short) this week! We had a lot of fun casting each other and fabricating the devices. This is the first upper extremity class we have had in school and we are so excited to dive in and learn all about it! It’s been a tougher transition, personally, just because we have really focused on lower limb orthotics and prosthetics in our past classes- but like anything, with some more practice and lectures I’m sure it will become easier. Friday, we fabricated a low-temperature splint mold to create a lower-profile WHO orthoses, and today we started our week by fitting some prefabricated JAECO wrist-driven orthoses on one another!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Stay tuned for more fun these upcoming days 🙂


P.S. How cute is our new little office helper Harley?!