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IIOP’s Response to COVID-19

IIOP’s Response to COVID-19

Over the last several months, the International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics has been making serious changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that our classes are transitioning from online to on-campus, we are excited to welcome students back once again. Policies and procedures described below will help all our students, faculty, patients, and visitors of IIOP to feel safe and protected.

• Upon initial entry to the building, we are asking all students and visitors to complete a questionnaire about recent travels and potential contact with the virus.

• All students, faculty, and visitors will undergo a contactless temperature check each morning upon entering the school.

• Hands will also be sanitized before advancing beyond this temperature check.

• Mandatory masks will be provided to students and faculty for DAILY use

. • Social distancing will be observed in classrooms, labs, and common areas.

• Niko Mahairas has been appointed Safety Officer to maintain the daily sanitation of the individual tools and machines in the lab, in addition to collecting temperatures daily and ensuring that students and faculty have their PPE.

• Twice daily sanitization of all common surfaces will occur in the mornings and afternoons.

• Ventilation in the lab areas has been increased to allow for better air evacuation.

• The plaster modification room has been expanded to ensure that social distancing can be enforced during cast modification.

• Outdoor seating has been added to give students more room to enjoy their breaks.
We hope that with these policies and the cooperation of our students and faculty, we can minimize the risk of transferring the virus, and keep everyone on the right path of achieving their educational and professional goals.