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Megan Merryman – Student Blog 3/19/24

Megan Merryman – Student Blog 3/19/24

Hi everyone!

I am writing the first post ever for Spring ’24 cohort, the Zen Ten!  Despite our name, we are full of energy and eager to be in our first semester.  It is crazy to say that we have already reached the halfway point of semester one and have survived almost all of our midterms, with the clinical gait analysis midterm still looming ahead of us this week.  

The Zen Ten will complete their individual presentations this week in our pathology and neuroanatomy classes, with many interesting disorders and case studies being covered.  Lots of time, effort, and creativity were put into these presentations, which can be seen in the pictures!  

I look forward to sharing more with you all as we continue on our journey this year!

Megan Merryman