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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – March 15, 2021

Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – March 15, 2021

Namaste. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Disclaimer: In these pictures, it may look like I am struggling, but I am not. This orthosis actually gives great support, hence why I have my thumbs up lol. 

This week we started a new class, Orthotic Management of the Spine. So far, we have learned about the different types of spinal orthoses and which kinds are used for which pathologies. There are so many variations characterized by design, organization, where the pathology or fracture is located (ex. Lumbar fractures, cervical, etc.) and so much more. Surprisingly, it is easy to grasp the concepts about how the material can help prevent any further damages to the spine, or which orthoses will be for the lower spine versus the ones that are for the cervical area or thoracic spine, just by looking at the orthotic device when it is placed on a patient. We got to try on some of the orthoses on our peers and move with them to see what types of orthoses will prevent those movements. I’m not going to lie, I think I need a spinal orthosis for myself. I kind of like the LSO because it’s comfortable. It’s the support for me lol.

I can’t wait to dig deeper! Peace and love.