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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 27, 2021

Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – September 27, 2021

What’s going on? I hope everyone has had a great week!

   This week we took our final for Orthotic management of the lower limb 2. We also finished our KAFO project on Monday and yes, I will show you a picture of my KAFO now that it is finished. It’s not my best work, but I am proud of the progress. We started the new class Orthotic management for the upper limb, which will be our last orthotics class before our cumulative orthotic exam, which I am super nervous about. We also started our first project which is making a WHO wrist hand orthosis. Because I have only known about casting the lower limb, casting the upper limb was a bit of a challenge. But I got it! On Friday, we practiced casting for AFOs again which was well needed! Things this semester are moving at a faster pace and on top of that, studying, and looking for residencies are overwhelming. But let’s keep this thang moving!

See y’all next week again for another update!