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Sam Bousman – Student Blog 7/17/23

Sam Bousman – Student Blog 7/17/23

Hi everyone! 

We have finished Prosthetic Management of the Upper Limb! We accomplished a lot during this course and had a great experience. Our first project was a mock transradial prosthesis. This was a really cool project because we had the opportunity to cast our partner and then fabricate the device for ourselves! Creating a device for ourselves taught us a lot about the comfort of a device, making proper modifications, and learning how to use a terminal device for grasping objects! We had a lot of fun learning how to operate a hook, and this will be great knowledge to share with our future patients. We also had the opportunity to cast a limb sim and fabricate two check sockets, one for a transradial limb and the other for a transhumeral limb. These projects gave us the opportunity to prescribe a socket style based on the length of the limb we were casting and fabricate the device accordingly. 

Last week we were excited to have COAPT come to IIOP to do a myoelectric hand presentation! There was a didactic portion of the session and then we had the opportunity to try out the technology for ourselves! It was so cool to learn how this technology works and the benefits it has for the patients that use it! Thank you to COAPT for taking the time to teach us what their company is all about! This week we are starting Orthotic Management of the Upper Limb, so check back soon for more updates!

Thanks for reading, 

Sam Bousman