If you have a bachelor’s degree in a health or medical field and are interested in going back to school for a master’s degree, look no further than The International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics (IIOP). We offer an accredited orthotics and prosthetics education program. Read on to learn more about our program and prosthetics education.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Prosthetics Education Program

When you get a master’s degree, many more job opportunities open up to you. A prosthetics education program allows you to have a specialized degree and more training and experience to make you a more sought-after candidate.

If you are looking for a different career path, a prosthetics education program could be the perfect path for you. Read on to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in IIOP’s prosthetics education program.

Benefits of IIOP’s Prosthetics Education Program

When you choose to enroll in IIOP’s prosthetics program, you will receive a well-rounded education at a diverse and inclusive campus. IIOP offers one of the lowest total tuition costs nationally and no out-of-state fees or tuition. We have small classes and 100% of our graduates go on to find employment.

We also offer a variety of scholarships to help with tuition costs. IIOP has a campus with over 40,000 square feet devoted to prosthetic education. You can receive hands-on experience in our laboratories and benefit from our patient-centered curriculum.

Our Master of Science degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics is composed of 49 credit hours, which can be completed over four semesters. In just two years, you can receive the degree and opportunities you want.

For more information, contact The International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics today. Give us a call at 813-517-1740 or 888-204-4447. Or you can email info@iiofoandp.org. We look forward to helping you with your prosthetics education.