Become a Sponsor

Corporations may choose to support a specific cause with their contributions. Listed here are some of these sponsorship opportunities.


Corporations can choose to support adaptive sports activities, support groups, or other events and activities presented by the institute.

Humanitarian aid:

Corporations may choose to aid individuals in need of orthotic or prosthetic devices, either in the US or internationally.


The Next Generation Scholarship fund is for students enrolled in our Master of Science in Orthotic and Prosthetics Program. Corporations that are interested in supporting students who wish to become Orthotist-Prosthetists may consider making contributions to the scholarship fund. Scholarships are awarded annually on an as-needed basis. Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and awarded accordingly. Scholarship funds may then be applied to tuition costs. Endowments, from which annual distributions of earned interest can be applied to scholarships, may also be considered

Student and patient model café:

A sponsorship contribution of $200.00 or more per month will help to provide coffee and snacks for students and patient models.


Corporations may consider funding for Institute facilities and equipment. Maintenance of IIOP’s 4-acre campus and facilities is costly.  In addition, regular acquisition of new equipment and technology is necessary in order to keep pace with advances in the orthotic and prosthetic industry.

Naming options:

Opportunities for named sponsorships are available for campus areas, individual laboratories or classrooms, and buildings.


Sponsorship levels can range from $20 to $5,000.00 or more per month or one-time contributions of any amount.

Please contact Arlene Gillis for further information about all these sponsorship opportunities