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Adam Kramer – IIOP News – October 12, 2021

Adam Kramer – IIOP News – October 12, 2021

Congratulations team U.SA. woman’s wheelchair basketball for taking home the Bronze Metal at the 2020 Paralympic games!!!!!

Special Shout out to Our Student Adam Kramer Assistant Coach. We are honored to have you representing IIOP

Below an interview with Adam


Interviewer: “We would just need a few sentences about your experience”

Adam: The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games were an amazing opportunity. They used the tagline “United by Emotion” and it could not have felt more true. During such uncertain times, the opportunity to bring the world together, as safely as possible, and show that we can all be united was incredibly refreshing. Sport saved my life and I was lucky enough to share a common experience with thousands of other people in the same boat. 

Interviewer: “Advice for anyone else that wants to get involved with a Paralympic team”

Adam: Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. It will be a process.

If you want to compete, compile your resources and put your heart and soul into obtaining your goal. If you want to be on staff, begin by volunteering locally or with the NGB (National Governing Body) of your sport of choice. There are dozens of Paralympic sports, so if you can’t choose just one, contact the USOPC (United State Olympic and Paralympic Committee) to offer your expertise to them, in general, as a need arises. There is a certification process, so start early and be persistent. 

Interviewer: “your role on the team”

Adam: I served as an Assistant Coach for Team USA’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. My primary roles were subdivided into categories that prepared our team for competition.  I worked with athletes on a weekly basis to ensure that they were balancing life on and off the court. I also performed data management and tracking processes to ensure that we were progressing as expected. Most notably, I scouted competition and managed practices to ensure that our athletes knew what to expect during each game. 

Interviewer: “or anything else you want to say”

Adam: My experiences resulted in so many intangible benefits. I am truly lucky to have been a part of this team that allowed me to make many new friends from all over the country & world, while having the honor of representing my country. That is not to say that this occurred without sacrifice, but the rewards will outweigh the drawbacks if you’re committed to putting in the work.