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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-October 11, 2021

Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog-October 11, 2021

Monday, we met Jim from ABC and he spoke to us about our career timeline. After Monday we spent the rest of the week in a different classroom because ABC testing and board exams, were happening in our normal classroom. I find it fascinating that the school I go to hosts the board exams! With that being said I am so excited for the future, yet love living in the moment and enjoying my classes and activities that I get to partake in now.

Wednesday a lot of the students and faculty participated in a CPR class where a lot of us were either recertified or got certified for the first time! The rest of the week was full of fun, interesting, knowledgeable  presentations on Pathology and gait. Additionally, we reviewed clinical gait before our midterm coming this Friday by participating in games and activities where I realized how competitive our class really was. I really enjoy when our professors try to incorporate new activities each week to help us engage in the material and have fun while learning. All in all, a great week of learning and presenting! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

See you all next week after our midterm!

Wish us luck,

Alyssa Noe