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Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog- November 9, 2021

Alyssa Noe-IIOP Student Blog- November 9, 2021

Hello all!

It was a pretty relaxing week after midterms which I was very grateful for! Throughout the week we worked on our anatomy presentations and pathology case study presentations. Other days we had lecture and learned all about the brachial plexus which is not the simplest of structures in the body, but our professors do a great job of incorporating fun activities and worksheets to help us better understand and learn the difficult structures of the body! Friday was a fun filled day of lecture and comparing gaits on the gait mat using different orthotic devices. Using the orthotic device that fit us best we analyzed our “normal gait” vs. our orthotic device gait. It was an eye opening experience to see what our patients one day will go through and be able to better understand and sympathize with them.


Alyssa Noe