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Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 9/24/2020

Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 9/24/2020

Mastering More Than Plaster Pouring – September 24th, 2020

If you would have told me I would be crossing off part of my bucket list while on my clinical rotation here in Ecuador, I probably would have just cut my losses, signed an indentured servant contract with Dave, and moved here for good. Sadly, I’m quickly approaching my last week here in Quito but I’m one of the lucky ones as I’ve gotten to take full advantage of this experience and learn from one of the best.

From assembling and aligning legs for delivery, to casting & modifying sockets, I’m doing things here in Quito I didn’t think I would be able to do. Just recently I got to see things I didn’t think I’d get to see, as I traveled a few hours south to Banos, Ecuador this past weekend. I got to mountain bike the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen, hike some incredible views, paraglide off a FREAKING MOUNTAIN, and then be-friend my paragliding guide (Jorge) enough for him to take me back to his home in the jungle and indulge in the most delicious meal prepared by his family. Oh and not to mention how Jorge came to my rescue after I missed the last bus back to Quito and he insisted I stay the night with his family in their cozy jungle house.

Building new relationships with people like Jorge is humbling and satisfying to endure such humanity in such rural parts of the world. As a gringo from the united states these are experiences I don’t get to have without a little opportunity followed by taking a risk. As a future clinician constantly striving to learn more, these lessons of humanity are so important. That beautiful shiny little rule we all learned in kindergarten: Treat others as you want to be treated. But also remember you’re in a foreign country and super gringo so watch your pockets and pay attention haha.

Back here in the clinic this week, little Takana has been fit for her new leg along with many others! Dave and I have hit our ROMP patient goal for the month and have continued to pull socket after socket.

Next week Dave and I will load up the chevy and head on an overnight road trip towards the western Ecuadorian coast in hopes of casting 9 patients in their homes! This is gonna be a cool last week.