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Francesca Cicchetti – IIOP Student Blog – September 25, 2020

Francesca Cicchetti – IIOP Student Blog – September 25, 2020

Hello everyone!

Fran back here with the latest and greatest!! Let’s see… it’s been a whole week since we last talked?! Time. Is. Flying.

Anyways, let’s catch up, shall we?!

Last Thursday we wrapped up our big project with…*drum roll please* our KAFO fittings!!! Wahoo!! It went very well, and everyone did an amazing job. Our KAFO project was probably the most time consuming and most involved project we’ve had in school, so I am very proud of my classmates for making it through.

Then on Friday, we ended the week with our KAFO Schemas (a nice fancy word for tracing) with Mr. Mahairas and we had a grand ole time! It was nice to parallel the two techniques used for fabricating KAFO’s- and we definitely learned a lot doing both. Then, finally, at the weekend!! I took advantage of the nice weather, laid out by the pool, walked around Davis Island with my best friend, and watched the sunset!! Weekends are my favorite!

So far, this week has been quite the week and in the best way possible! We are already on our fifth week of the semester; can you believe it? On Monday, Mr. Carl Allen came in to speak to us along with Dr. Gerald Stark (over zoom) about the C-Brace by Otto Bock! We all had a chance to try it on and play around with it. It was such an amazing experience and we had a blast testing it out (as you can see!). Yesterday we finished up our Orthotic Management of the Lower Limb class. And what better way to finish a class than with a final exam!! Am I right? Everyone did great! We also had a little friendly sewing competition after our exam. Our professor, Ms. Crawford, challenged us to sew a small strap with her cat’s, Zazu, name on it. The winning strap would be featured in a small photoshoot with Zazu. Not to toot my own horn *toot toot* but I WON!! So, here is my strap featured with the lovely model Zazu (my heart!!). That is all for now! Tune in next week to see what fun we’re up to! Ciao for now…