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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 1, 2021

Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 1, 2021

Bonjour!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week. When coming down to Florida, I thought that it would never get cold down here… but I stand corrected. Good thing I brought my heavy jackets back with me from winter break. Don’t judge me.

This week was very eventful. We started our clinical evaluation tools class on Monday and ended it with a written and practical examination on Friday. This was one of the fastest classes I have ever taken. Because this semester is more hands-on and we will be meeting with patient models, we practiced how to speak to patients, the proper way to ask for patient demographics, info and how to address them and their needs. We then got right into learning and performing active and passive range of motion tests on patients (which was our peers for now) and manual muscle testing. It was a lot of information, but I feel like it will help a lot when learning about what orthotic devices will be beneficial for the patient pertaining to what type of assistance they will need like dorsiflexion weakness or contractures. My favorite tests were the special tests because they were fun, and it was funny to watch some of my peers march around with their eyes closed.

Two classes down, 3 more to go, then clinical rotations. Bye for now.