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Savanna Stumpf– IIOP Student Blog – February 5, 2021

Savanna Stumpf– IIOP Student Blog – February 5, 2021

Week 4 – – – IIOP

First Semester

First month down of my cohorts first semester! It has definitely been an adjusting process for me and my 4 classmates as we are getting used to the graduate school life. We are currently enrolled in four classes: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Neuroanatomy, and Clinical Gait Analysis. Lots of information to keep up with, but having a cohort of 5 keeps us all on our toes and really pushes one another to keep up (even when we just want to go home and watch all the movies we talk about at lunch).

Pathology has definitely been one of my favorite classes. Learning about different abnormalities a person can have has made me a bit of a people watcher outside of school. I am now quick to catch any major genu varus abnormality or a pelvic tilt. But it is not just me! Every now and then, the phone buzzes with a message from our group chat that someone has spotted something new.

Finally, we had our first assessment in our Gait Analysis course. Come to find out, I have a slight anterior pelvic tilt and Peter has a depressed right shoulder. Who would’ve known?

Happy Superbowl weekend!!


Savanna Stumpf