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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 16, 2021

Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 16, 2021

Annyeonghaseyo (meaning hello in Korean)! It would have been better if I knew Hangul or the Korean alphabet more. I hope everyone had an awesome week. And congratulations to the Bucs for winning the Super Bowl! Yayyy!

It’s the fifth week into the semester and things are moving quickly. Time is flying by. Graduation and board exams are tomorrow. Just kidding. This week felt short and long at the same time. We were only in class for 3 days of the week, but the days were long, and also felt short because we were super busy and focused on our project, you know what I mean? This week we finally met with our patient models and I enjoyed every minute of it, even the struggle parts lol. I met with a super nice patient model who had their right leg amputated due to some complications. One thing that really touched my heart when meeting the patient model was the positivity. It made me want to become a practitioner that gives hope to their patients and gives them strength to carry on.  After meeting with our patient models and casting their limbs, the next day we poured our cast to form the shape of the patient’s leg. LeOnny Davinci was back and ready to turn these pour cast into beautifully, sculptured limbs. We did a few modifications on the cast and then created the sockets. I am so excited to see how the sockets turn out despite mess ups and I am also excited to practice more with casting and pouring in the future.  This was a great learning experience for me.

I will see ya later. Bye… for now.

-Onny/ LeOnny da Vinci