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Sam Bousman – Student Blog 7/31/23

Sam Bousman – Student Blog 7/31/23

Hi everyone!

It has been a busy summer for the Fall’22 Cohort! Last week we finished our 4th class of the semester, Orthotic Management of The Upper Limb. This class went by so fast, but we completed two custom projects and two prefabricated fittings. Our first project was a custom thermoplastic wrist hand orthosis (WHO), and the second project was a custom thermoplastic elbow orthosis (EO). Both of these projects were so fun to make, and they were great projects to practice more fabrication and patient interaction skills. Everyone got really creative with transfer paper and designs on these projects as well which is always fun to see! Our prefabricated fittings included a humeral fracture orthosis and a shoulder elbow wrist hand orthosis (SEWHO). At the end of the week, we took our final exam and are now getting ready to start our last official class on campus, Contemporary Practice and Synthesis. It is so hard to believe that we have made it to this point in the summer, but everyone is getting excited to get started with our clinical rotation sites this fall. That’s all for now but check back soon for more updates!

Thanks for reading,

Sam Bousman