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Sam Bousman – Student Blog 8/18/23

Sam Bousman – Student Blog 8/18/23

Hi everyone! 

I can’t believe I’m writing the last blog for the Divine 29’s time here on campus. We finished Contemporary Practice this week which has been a very busy class for us! Two socket laminations, a heat-moldable wrist-hand-finger-orthosis, two mock written exams, a mock CPM, and multiple patient interactions have made up these last couple of weeks at IIOP. Each topic in Contemporary Practice prepared us for our mock exams and allowed us to practice more patient interaction and fabrication skills before heading into clinical rotations at the end of this month. Reflecting on the last year at IIOP, we have truly had a great experience and have grown so much as a class. We are all so proud of the projects that we have completed as well as all of the coursework that we have balanced with our lab time as well. I am so excited to see where our clinical rotations and residencies take us in just a few short months. Look out for more blogs this fall from the freshmen class, as well as a few blogs from me updating everyone on our rotations! 

As always, thank you for reading! 

Sam Bousman