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Savanna Stumpf – IIOP Student Blog – July 1, 2021

Savanna Stumpf – IIOP Student Blog – July 1, 2021

Second Semester – Summer 2021

June 30th, 2021

What a month.

I know I have said it before, but wow it is flying by. Last time I did this blog was roughly a month ago and I wrapped it up with talking about receiving our white coats. Thinking about that today, it feels like it happened a year ago. We learn so much and do so much hands-on work within these classes that it has all just kind of become one large moment in my head with absolutely no timeline.

This week though, we finished our third class: Orthotic Management of Lower Limb 1. Throughout these four weeks, my classmates and I made accommodative FOs, UCBLs, AFOs, Articulating AFOs, and even got a sweet little Zoom call with Becker. The best part about having the opportunity to makes these devices for one another is that we actually get the opportunity to understand how these devices feel. This gives us the ability to relate just a bit to our future patients and understand different pressure points, etc., that they may be feeling. Also, huge shout out to all those technicians out there. I am not sure I will ever be able to wrap my mind around how quickly you guys turn over devices. Granted, this was the first time I have ever made any type of Ox, but it took us close to 2-3 days each!! I can only hope one day I look back and have a good laugh at how rough my first AFO came out. But on the bright side, I can only go up from here.

We now have begun our Spinal management class that will continue on for the next three weeks. While we have had some pretty hefty lecture material, we did start fitting one another with COs, CTOs, TLSOs, and LSOs. After trying them on and fitting my classmates in them, I have an even greater understanding of how well those suckers work when patients use them correctly. Being so restricted with some devices was tough! I can only imagine having to wear those devices 6 plus weeks. With this class being only about three weeks though, we already have our midterm creeping up around the corner. As always, keep us in your thoughts as we take our tests!!

Talk again in a month!

Savanna Stumpf