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Trevor Bryant – IIOP Student Alumni Blog 4/22/22

Trevor Bryant – IIOP Student Alumni Blog 4/22/22

Trevor Bryant, May 2021 Graduate, tells us about his time at IIOP, how IIOP impacted his career, and what he is up to now!

IIOP Alum, Trevor Bryant –

My time at IIOP was ideal for my learning style. I had a smaller class compared to other Orthotic and Prosthetic programs, which allowed intimate learning spaces. I was able to have direct contact with my professors who still aid me in my navigations through residency to this day. The ample lab time and hands-on practice were, at first, daunting. However, it has made me comfortable in lab settings and knowledgeable about machinery and tools. I am thankful for my time at IIOP and hope I make them proud. 

Currently, I am nearing the end of my prosthetic residency in Orlando. The past year has taught me about the O&P field, patient care, and who I want to be as a clinician. Morals and integrity come into play far more than I was expecting. I am happy to say I am proud of the clinician I am and continue to develop into. 

Most recently I have been trained in direct lamination for both transtibial amputees and transfemoral amputees. This method allows me to laminate a definitive socket directly over a patient’s limb. I think this is where the field could be headed.