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Brooke Merryman – IIOP Student Blog 4/12/22

Brooke Merryman – IIOP Student Blog 4/12/22

Hi everyone,

Time has been flying by! We are in the last three weeks of our first semester. We have already completed our first class, Clinical Gait Analysis, and everyone finished well. One of the labs in Gait involved an orthotic gait analysis where we tried on different lower-limb orthotics and compared our gait patterns with and without the orthotic device. We have done a few more class bonding activities, including indoor rock climbing and Topgolf. We are currently giving our major presentations for Anatomy class with a thorough review of the upper and lower limbs. Finals are just around the corner, so we are preparing for the showdown of this semester.

The student highlight of the week is Jacob! (He’s the one waving on the wall) He is a local to Florida coming from Orlando and graduated from the Seminole State College with a degree in Science Management with a Biology focus. For our Student Government Association, he will be taking up the mantle as the president for the summer semester. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his cats and going rock climbing.