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Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 12/16/2020

Bryce Dahl – IIOP student, International Clinical Rotation (Quito, Ecuador) 12/16/2020

Last Week in Ecuador…Next Stop Colombia

Dec 16th, 2020

Wrapping up my last week here in Quito and it’s already bittersweet. I’m excited to see my friends and family back home; however, the three months I’ve spent here this year have been the most peaceful, exciting, and self- established period of time that I’m only grateful for.

Exciting enough, I’m going to be traveling to Bogota, Colombia this Friday to wrap up my semester at Centro de Rehabilitacion en Ortesis y Protesis Laboratorio Gilete. This will complete my 4th clinical rotation this semester and I am stoked to get to see Colombia!

I’ve been finishing up many projects before I leave and hopefully I will be able to leave the clinic more accessible to future students who want to come and find the same experience I have. The idea of a future IIOP campus in Quito, Ecuador is not that crazy.

I’m going to miss this special place, even the dirty looks and cultural judgement. If I’ve learned anything it’s that you’ll never know if you never take a chance. Risk is scary, but opportunities are hard to come by…. especially in the year 2020.

Take a chance, go for broke, and remember to laugh when it doesn’t work out. This world is beautiful and as much darkness and hardship remain, there is still goodness waiting for someone to find it.

Thank you for reading. See you in Colombia!