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Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 5, 2021

Onny Mbagwu – IIOP Student Blog – February 5, 2021

Kedu ka ị mere? As we say in the Igbo language meaning “how are you?”. I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Black History month started, and this weekend is also exciting because the super bowl is this Sunday! What team are you rooting for?

Anyways, of course, we like to get down to business here at IIOP. Clinical rotations and graduation are around the corner and there is no time for play. Well maybe graduation is a couple of blocks away, but you get the gist. We started the new course learning about prosthetics, which I am super excited about! It was nice to know how the prostheses are made based on K-levels or how active the amputee is. We also did some more patient evaluation because it is super important to know what to say to a patient, and how to describe the procedures. Most importantly because next week, we will be working with patient models. We also learned how to wrap a patient’s limb with ACE bandages and carefully put on shrinker socks. We covered topics relating to different foot and ankle amputations and all of the cool prosthetics that can help with patients’ balance. I did not know that big toe amputations can affect the patient’s balance. So, they make prosthetic toes to assist their walking. I think that is awesome.

While y’all watch Super Bowl, I will probably be studying and waiting for the halftime performance.

Anyi g’afu! (meaning ‘See you later’ in Igbo) Bye!