Tuition is calculated at $1,021.23 cost per credit hour. Tuition is due and payable on a per-semester basis as indicated by the academic schedule furnished in the catalog. The student must pay tuition in full prior to the first day of class for the respective semester being attended. Tuition numbers do not include school fees. Upon application and successful completion of the program and application for graduation, tuition additionally includes one diploma. Please see the IIOP Catalog for additional details.

2024-2025 Per Semester Tuition Cost
Semester One$14,000
Semester Two$14,500
Semester Three$16,540
Semester Four $5,000
Total Tuition$50,040


2024-2025 Fee Breakdown by Semester
Semester 1
Books, Supplies, Scrubs, Parking, Technology, Activities, etc.
Semester 2
White Coats, Labs, Technology, Activities, etc.
Semester 3
Labs, Technology, Activities, etc.
Semester 4
Technology, Activities, etc.
Total Fees$8,750.00

Please Note: Students are responsible for payment of all tuition and fees.  Failure to make full, on-time payment (prior to the first day of class) will result in the student not being able to sit for classes until the full payment is received.  A late payment fee of $15.00 will apply to any late payments and a returned check fee of $25.00 will apply to any returned checks.  In the event of nonpayment, students will be responsible for all collection costs. 

Total Cost of Attendance:  $58,790

Degrees will not be issued unless all obligations to the Institute are paid or met in full. 

Financial Aid for Orthotics and Prosthetics Master of Science program

  • Student loans are now available if you qualify. Click here for more information.
  • Scholarship Opportunity: SPS O&P Master’s Scholarship. Click here for more information.
    The scholarship is open to individuals who are pursuing a Master’s degree in orthotics and prosthetics. Each year, SPS awards $2,500 to two deserving students.