Master of Science in O&P Graduation, NCOPE Residency Rates and Exam Pass Rates

Program StartStudents EnteringStudents GraduatingGraduation RateResidency placements prior to graduationTotal entering residency less than 6 months Post-GraduationCombined O&P Written Exam Pass Rates
2019 Spring33100%23
2020 Spring77100%67
2020 Fall1212100%1212
2021 Spring55100%55100%*
2021 Fall2424100%2224
2022 Spring99100%89
2022 Fall29In ProgressIn Progress
2023 Fall34In ProgressIn Progress
*Combined Written O&P Exam was not established until 2021.
Graduate reporting of test scores is optional. Therefore, IIOP does not have access to all exam pass rates.
Percentages reported in this chart are representative of the pass rates for only those scores reported to IIOP.
The total number of students entering and graduating above do not reflect cohorts that are currently in progress.