Mission Statement

  • Educate current IIOP students about all areas of research in O&P and rehabilitation
  • Promote opportunities to students for O&P research, both in graduate and post-graduate years
  • Foster participation in the IIOP Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Encourage and support networking between IIOP students and alumni
  • Support people with limb differences including, but not limited to, veterans and people living with disabilities
  • Advocate unity within the O&P community
  • Enhance relationships between the O&P community and other related healthcare professions
  • Forge relationships with the local community to spread awareness of our profession
  • Recruit future practitioners into the O&P field through educational outreach

The SGA was established in 2021 and membership is open to all currently enrolled full-time IIOP students. $10 dues are collected at the second meeting of every semester. Dues can be paid here

SGA Upcoming Events

  • Symposium: December 6, 2023
  • Graduation: December 7, 2023
  • White Coat: January 19, 2024
  • Alumni Weekend: January 26-27, 2024
  • Valspar Gold Tournament: March 18-24, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Warrior Games
  • Special Olympics Florida State Fall Classic
  • Tampa Pig Jig
  • Gasparilla

SGA Leadership

President: Andrew Adamik
Hometown: Level Green, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Kinesiology (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Why I picked O&P: I chose the field of O&P not only because I have a passion for helping people, but because I love how rewarding this field is. I always look back on seeing a patient in my internship that I saw from start to finish. This was starting from his pre assessment the whole way to seeing him take his first steps using a prosthesis. Coming into my undergrad I wanted to become an engineer. However, I quickly learned that I had a passion for the medical field. Choosing this field allows me to have the best of both worlds as I get to work with patients as well as work with my hands in the labs.
Favorite part about Tampa: Being able to golf year-round and do lots of fishing!

Vice President: Lauren Carter
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Undergraduate Degree: University of Dayton
Why I got into O&P: I found O&P my junior year of college after switching to Exercise Science from Graphic Design. I was looking for a way to balance both my passion for patient care and design. All of the job shadows I did with CPO’s confirmed this was a field I would love. Each patient is unique, and it is such a hands-on field. I am most excited about learning to cast and use all the machinery.
Favorite Part of Tampa: Being close to the beach!

Treasurer: Christina Collins
Hometown: Germantown, Maryland
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Why O&P: I originally learned about prosthetics in one of my classes in college. After just a single lecture, I was hooked. I shadowed at multiple O&P clinics and completed an internship with Hanger Prosthetics. My interest in the field grew more and more as I continued to learn what went into Prosthetics and Orthotics. I enjoy the combination of fabrication and working with patients. The advancing technology of prosthetics is extremely interesting to me, and I would love to contribute to the growth in this part of the field.
Favorite part about Tampa: Warm weather and beach days!

Secretary: Cara McLaughlin
Hometown: Fallston, Maryland
Undergraduate: Saint Vincent College
Why O&P: Shout out to the movies Soul Surfer, How to Train Your Dragon, and Dolphin Tale for being one of my first exposures to O&P. I love art and science, so seeing how each of these movies portrayed O&P got me interested in the field, which was then solidified later on when I got to work with an amputee with a unilateral BK prosthesis at my dad’s physical therapy clinic back in Maryland. I loved how O&P mixed art and science, and I have always liked making things with my hands, so the field was perfect for me to incorporate my favorite things. I love the creative aspect of the field and am excited to use creativity to interact with and help others. 
Favorite thing about Tampa: The beach and how there are so many events and activities to do around Tampa.