Mission Statement

  • Educate current IIOP students about all areas of research in O&P and rehabilitation
  • Promote opportunities to students for O&P research, both in graduate and post-graduate years
  • Foster participation in the IIOP Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Encourage and support networking between IIOP students and alumni
  • Support people with limb differences including, but not limited to, veterans and people living with disabilities
  • Advocate unity within the O&P community
  • Enhance relationships between the O&P community and other related healthcare professions
  • Forge relationships with the local community to spread awareness of our profession
  • Recruit future practitioners into the O&P field through educational outreach

The SGA was established in 2021 and membership is open to all currently enrolled full-time IIOP students. $10 dues are collected at the second meeting of every semester. Dues can be paid here

SGA Upcoming Events

  • Tampa Bay Lightning Games
  • Adaptive Sports Events
  • Senior Research Symposium December 7, 2022
  • Graduation December 8, 2022
  • White Coat Ceremony January 20th, 2023
  • Alumni Weekend January 27, 2023
  • Valspar Golf Tournament March 16-19, 2023

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Warrior Games
  • Special Olympics Florida State Fall Classic
  • Tampa Pig Jig
  • Gasparilla

SGA Leadership

President: Reagan Handley
Hometown: Gardendale, Alabama
Undergraduate: Auburn University
Why I picked O&P: I completed my undergraduate program in materials engineering, but I always knew I wanted to use engineering to help others.  The O and P profession was the perfect fit for me because it incorporates problem-solving, patient care, and working hands-on in the lab. During my shadowing experience, I was able to see firsthand how practitioners utilize different techniques when making or fitting devices allowing for a sense of individuality and creativity.
Favorite part about Tampa: There is always something to go and do- from going to the beach, hockey games, volunteering events, and great food places to try. I have loved living in a bigger city with so many opportunities to spend time with classmates exploring our new city.

Vice President: Samantha Bousman

Hometown: Edgewater, Maryland

Undergraduate Degree: University of Maryland, College Park

Why I got into O&P: I found a passion for the field through my undergraduate degree of Kinesiology in a class called “Prosthetics for Limb Amputation”. O&P is an uplifting field that allows us to work alongside other healthcare professionals to ensure the best care is provided to the patient. I enjoy that the field will allow me to work with my hands and interact with patients.

Favorite Part of Tampa: I have always loved living by the water, and the beach is so close to the city! Tampa also has some amazing restaurants, and it is warm all year long!

Treasurer: Carolyn Ornato

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Undergraduate: Plymouth State University 

Why I picked O&P: I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology but realized I hated working in a biology lab about halfway through my senior research project. I initially wanted to continue my education as a PA but after 3 years of working in different medical offices, I decided PA would not allow me the autonomy and hands-on clinical care I hoped to provide. I had always been interested in O&P and finally started shadowing and realized it perfectly combined my love for working in a clinical setting with the hands-on creative aspect I knew I wanted.

Favorite part about Tampa: Getting to spend a year enjoying the beaches before returning to the snow and mountains.

Secretary: Catherine Lahue

Hometown: Auburndale, Florida

Undergraduate: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Why I picked O&P: I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and went to work as a zookeeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo. When working there, I worked with a flamingo who injured its ankle and helped it heal by applying an orthotic made by the veterinarians. This got me interested in the field and so I started shadowing a local clinic. I knew IIOP would be the perfect place for me to pursue my master’s because of how hands on the program is and how close it is to family.

Favorite thing about Tampa: I like all the activities there are to do in Tampa and the variety of restaurants.